Cambodia Driving License

In the article …. of the General Department of Public Work and Transport of the Kingdom of Cambodia, mentioned that “all local and the foreign drivers must be possessing a Cambodian Driver’s License which issued by the department with its logo”.

Who has no Cambodian Driver’s License won’t be allowed to drive in the territory of Cambodia. The Cambodian Driver’s License validity is 5 years for the Cambodian and 1-year renewable for the Foreign Drivers. The Foreign Drivers age over 60 years old will be charged extra for medical general checkup.

The Provisional Cambodian Driver’s License could be issued to you by our office just within a minute, if you have all the required documents mentioned below. When you have the provisional one, you could start driving the car immediately in the territory of the Kingdom of Cambodia and will be accepted by both the local authorities and the insurance agents. The real Cambodian Driver’s License will be ready after 3-week time, if there are not so many public holidays.

For your further information about the processing and the documents requirement, please kindly through to the below-mentioned details:

  1. Copy of your passport,
  2. Copy of your entry business visa (the entry visa must be in business)*,
  3. Three photos in the passport size,
  4. Your National Driver’s License, and
  5. Medical certificate, if you are over 60 years old.

Regarding to the price, it is fixed! No up and down!

* Entry Business Visa is obtainable on your arrival to the Phnom Penh International Airport and/or at the border check points. It will cost you extra $5 besides the tourist one. | Your Reliable Car Rental Service!