Road Tax & Viheicle Inspection
Annual Road Tax

The Department of Customs and Tax is always doing the Annual Road Tax collection to all type of the vehicles between June and July every year.

We are offering this type of business at the very reasonable, and fast services. We are mainly focusing on the foreign private companies, embassies, NGO, OI and UN agencies for whom are staying, working and/or living in Phnom Penh and own the vehicle(s).

For your further information about the processing and the documents required, please kindly go through the below-mentioned details:
1. Last year receipt*, and
2. Copy of your Vehicle Registration ID Card,

In the case that you lost the last year original receipt in the item No. 1, you will be requested to pay double as a penalty. Please always keep all your vehicle documents in the safe place and/or for easy retrieval.

If you have a newly bought vehicle and have never had paid once for the Road Tax, a New ID Card of the newly bought vehicle in original is required for endorsement.

Regarding to the price, it depends on your last year sticker plus the service charge! In 2010 onward, the annual road tax for all type of the vehicles will be doubly increased.

Should you require any further information and/or any either personal or official assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Tourist Cars Road Tax
(For 2013)
Year of Made (Price)
 Below 5 Years  Below 5 Year
 Cylender Below 1,500CC or  
(Below 1.5L)
(Approx. US$25)
(Approx. US$20)
 2  Cylender 1,500CC or Above to 2,000CC (1.5L to 2.0L)
(Approx. US$25)
 3  Cylender 2,000CC or Above to 2,900CC (2.0L to 2.9L)
(Approx. US$125)
(Approx. US$90)
4  Cylender 2,900CC or Above to 4,000CC (2.9L to 4.0L)
5  Cylender Above 4,000CC or (Below 1.5L)    R2,000,000 (Approx. US$500)
   Motorbike Road Tax (For 2013)      
7  Motorbike Power Below 70CC   
R3,000 (Approx. US$0.75)
8  Motorbike Power Above 70CC to 125CC   
R4,500 (Approx. US$1.20)
9  Motorbike Power Above 125CC   
R7,500 (Approx. US$2.00)

Bi-Annual Inspection

K-Car Rental is also we are accredited by the Ministry of Public Work and Transport to providing us the permit to do the general vehicle inspection to all local and foreign vehicle users in all over the country.

It should also be viewed as vehicle health check regularly to provide assurance that your vehicle is safe, roadworthy, for you and your family’s safety. As part of the MOT testing process, we assess and test a wide variety of components in your car.

Our standards are monitored and tested ensuring that your car is safe and roadworthy to drive. Not only are these essential for the proper and safe functioning of your vehicle, poorly maintained components and tires can have a huge impact on vehicle efficiency, performance and causes unnecessary environmental damage. Our test certificates information are on display in the public area of our garage as required by law and for your re-assurance.

The MOT also requires the assessment and testing of your vehicles that is more vital components, such as:
■ Braking System,
■ Exhaust Emission,
■ Exhaust System,
■ Lights System,
■ Seat Belts System,
■ Steering and/or Power Steering,
■ Suspension System, and
■ Tire Conditions and Tread Depth.

The MOT should always be considered as an additional test of road worthiness in conjunction with a regular service. It is required by law. The vehicles without MOT’s are not insured whilst driven unless they have a special exemption. The MOT testing system has recently been changed and is now computerized with each vehicles details maintained
on a central database and a new style MOT certificate.

If you would like to arrange to have your vehicle for a MOT General Checkup by K-Car Rental, Please feel free to contact us at any time most convenience to you. | Your Reliable Car Rental Service!