Repair & Maintenaces

K-Car Rental  has the technical capabilities to repair all types of vehicles from minor electrical faults to a full engine rebuild.

We have an extensive array of maintenance and repair equipment, highly skillful staff with many years of experience and a large workshop space suited to even the largest of mechanical repairs.

Our highly skillful and well trained, such as: (1) technicians/mechanics, (2). Suspension, (3). Transmission/Gearbox (Auto and Manual), (4). Electricians, (5). Body work: knockers/welders and (6). Painters are able to repair or replace and/or do their works almost all components of most vehicles.  Not only those, but we have also our own stocks in our garage for standard repairs and replaces, such as:

(1). Bulbs (All Types),
(2). Washer Wipers Blades (All Types),
(3). Engine Oil (All Grades),
(4). Oil Filter (All Types),
(5). Air Filter (All Types),
(6). Gearbox/Transmission Fluid,
(7). Power Steering Fluid,
(8). Radiator Coolant (All Types),
(9). Batteries (All Sizes),
(10). Ball/CV Joints (All Types),
(11). Tie-Rods Sets (All Types),
(12). Bushings (All Types),
(13). Fuses (All Types),
(14). Alternator/Generator (All Types),
(15). Belts and many more items . . .

We always use (1). Toyota, (2). Mitsubishi, (3). Hyundai, (4). Kia, and (5). Isuzu parts where these are typically more reliable and of a higher quality than alternatives.

K-Car Rental, you can be assured that our repairs are carried out to the highest standards and that these repairs are checked before your car leaves from our garage.

We source our genuine and original equipment from a wide range of suppliers and use, such as: (1). Toyota, (2). Mitsubishi, (3). Hyundai, (4). Kia, and (5). Isuzu parts, as standard where applicable.  This allows us to bring in parts from the original sources rather than using a re-seller or car manufacturer allowing us to source parts at lower cost. Thereby providing very competitive repair prices to our customers.  Moreover, we are able to source virtually any part for any car from our network of parts and engine component suppliers.

K-Car Rental offer the clients the following services and for most model of vehicles:




Repairs and Rebuilds to both Diesel and Petrol Engine



Repairs and Replaces


Brake System

Repairs and Replaces


Wheels & Tires

Alignment with modern tools and equipment



Repairs and Rebuilds



Reapirs and Rebuilds to both Automatic and Manual


Air Conditioner

Repairs and Servicing


Electric System

Rewires and Reapirs with modern diagnostic scanner and computer


Body Work

Knocking and Welding with long-experience knocker and welder


Auto Painting

3-year warrenty on fade


Maintenance in general

Fleet maintenance to (UN, NGO, OI, Embassy agencies and Private companies), and more . . . upon requested . . .

Should you require an extensive repair requirement or possibly an older car requiring higher technical capabilities or a particularly problematic issue or major repair job, please consult with K-Car Rental We will only be pleased to discuss your requirements. | Your Reliable Car Rental Service!