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Cambodia covered on a land area of 181,035 square kilometers in the southwestern part of the Indochina peninsula, about 20 percent of which is used for agriculture. It lies completely within the tropics with its southern most points slightly more than 10˚ above the Equator. International borders are share with Thailand and the Lao People’s Democratic Republic on the West and the North, and the social Republic of Viet Nam on the East and Southeast. The country is bounded on the Southeast by Gulf of Thailand. In comparison with neighbors, Cambodia is a geographical contact country administratively composed of 20 provinces, three of which have relatively short maritime boundaries, 2 municipalities. The country has a coastline of 435km and extensive mangrove stands, some of which are relatively undisturbed. The Kingdom of Cambodia has 24 provinces and city. The capital of Cambodia is Phnom Penh, the vibrant bustling capital of Cambodia. Situated at the confluence of three rivers. the mighty Mekong, the Bassac and the great Tonle Sap, what was once considered the “Gem” of Indochina. The capital still maintains considerable charm with plenty to see.


Phnom Penh & Around Area

is the capital city, the main political, administrative and commercial center. There are also some tourist attractions like the National Museum, the King’s palace, the Silver Pagoda, markets, the Killing Fields Museum and the some other entertainment sites.

Siem Reap (Northern of Cambodia & The culture site)

is the second largest city or tourism. The most famous temple of Angkor Wat, other temples and some more cultural and natural sites are there. Angkor area has become the World Heritage Site since 1992. Because of its unique characteristics, Siem Reap gets more and more visitors from year to year even during the global economic crisis.

Sihanouk Ville (Southern of Cambodia & the coastal city)

is a coastal city with nice beaches and fresh sea food. Many vacation activities related to the beaches can be done there: swimming and sunning, trips to the islands, scuba diving, fishing and snorkeling. Just only a few hour away, Bokor hill is nice historical resort with cool weather, beautiful waterfall and casino.


North-Eastern of Cambodia (Eco-tourist site & Culture)

North-Eastern Cambodia has just widely opened for tourism. Specialties there are natural landscape of the mountains, waterfalls and forest, culture and tradition of hill tribe and some other activities like ridding elephants to see the hill tribe villages and have some stay with local people. | Your Reliable Car Rental Service!